Tuesday, November 28, 2017

UNL reflection

            There were lots of things that I liked about the writing exchange, I don’t know where to start. I think my favorite part was getting to travel through UNL to all the different places we wrote. My favorite place was the huge business building we wrote in; I could see everything from up there! My second favorite place was the gamma beta party house. I’m sure it was so hard for people not to party while we were there. The other cool place was the indoor football field; the only downside was how hot it was there. Each one of those different places influenced what I wrote about. At the building I wrote about someone getting hit by a bus. At the beta house I wrote about a party. And at the indoor field I wrote about my football season. I learned that looking around can help you decide what to write, that makes me a stronger writer

            I think everything that we did there was amazing and I want to go back there already. So there really isn’t much to say. If I had to add something I would say that going to cool locations makes the trip a lot more fun. The pool and the stadium are places where kids would love to write. Another thing that made me feel comfortable was how we started off the day bye listing our similarities. That let me know that you liked some of the same things as me, which made me feel good. If you did that maybe one other time and made it about different things, then the students could relate to you better and be able to write better because they are relaxed. Those are the only things that I have to say, everything else including these were already great. The trip was awesome and I am sure future kids will say the same.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017



            About a week before spring break was when my dad first told me we were going to FLY to Alabama. I immediately started to complain. My mom told about how planes are always crashing so there for I didn’t want to go. Well a week later I found myself boarding a plane at the Omaha airport. Before I knew it we were taking off, it actually wasn’t that hard to realize because I felt my insides turning and twisting, at least that’s what it felt like. In a couple minutes we were flying smooth, but instead of looking outside and enjoying the outdoors I was holding onto the seat and stressing out over the fact that the plane is going to crash. After sitting there for like an hour like a wimp I finally got out my laptop and started to watch avengers, then I fell asleep. I was waking up to my dad telling me that we are almost there. I was so surprised that I made it their alive, I don’t know what I was thinking. We got off the plane and walked inside to meet my grandparents. They walked us to the SUV that we rented for the trip. It was really roomy and new, everything thing was high tech and AWESOME. We drove off to the hotel that my grandparents rented for us.
            When I heard my grandpa say “we are here,” I looked outside and saw a huge hotel right next to the beach. We walked in and the first thing we saw was the elevator. There wasn’t a front desk or anything thing lake that at the door we went through all there was was an elevator. We walked in and I thought they would press the floor 7 button. But then they pressed the floor 14 button. We went up so high that I felt like I could all of Gulf Shores. When we arrived at our floor I looked out over the city… it was amazing. I could see a water park. Loads of palm trees and a HUGE ship that had a museum inside of it.
We walked into our room, or rooms, and put down our bags I was ready to go to bed.

            The next morning, we woke up and ate some cereal just like any other day except today we were going to walk to the beach when we were done. After we finished eating, showering, and getting dressed we grabbed the ball game and took the elevator to the beach. Since it was still a little early there weren’t very many people there. We set the game down and set it up. I don’t remember what it was called but all you had to do was throw a plastic tennis ball with water in it to this little yellow ball on the ground, everyone gets two balls and whoever gets their two balls the closest wins, simple and fun. We played until everyone won one time. Then my little brother and I got our boogie boards and tried. At first it was really hard but then, it didn’t get any easier. I don’t out of the whole hour I spent trying I actually ever stood up on the board. But I did get a taste of what the ocean was like, literally! The water was so disgusting that I spit it out and looked like my brother after he ate his first beat, and believe me he will never eat another. After like about a couple of hours playing games and trying to surf we started to walk the shore and look for jellyfish. We found a couple here and there but we decided to see who could collect the most seashells in a minute. My grandma won because she found a little area where you couldn’t walk because of all the seashells. After that we headed back into our hotel. We all took showers again to wash the salt and the sand off then we got in the car and went to what my grandpa described as just “awesome”.

            After we drove through the town for a while and didn’t stop anywhere but McDonalds for my grandpa to get his medium nonfat mocha no whip no drizzle, that is how many times I’ve heard him order it. We drove longer and longer until I finally I saw that huge ship that I saw from the balcony of the hotel come into view. It was bigger than I looked from there. We parked our car in the lot and walked up the building. Inside was a bunch of planes from all of the wars. My dad, grandpa, and I went to look at the fighter while my little brother, grandpa, and my aunt went to get something to eat. There was so much to look at that you could stay there for a whole day and still not see everything. But we didn’t have all day so we just looked around at the coolest things. Then we found something awesome, a jet flight simulator. The line was huge but we didn’t care we waited there for like ten minutes until it was our turn. Then the guy told us it could only seat two people so my grandpa just waited and recorded it all. Me and my dad went inside and the guy strapped us in. The front half on the box started to close which is where you get in at. When it closed all the way you could see a picture that was being projected from somewhere in front of us. It was a huge landscape of trees water and just flat plains areas. It had digital dials on it that told the “altitude and speed” that we were at. The guy yelled at us from outside to use the throttle to start. My dad shoved the throttle forward and the box started to go vertical. My dad did barrel roles and G turns and so did the box that we were in. At one point I almost threw up, but my dad leveled it out in time. As soon as I felt better he started to vertical 360s which made me throw up in my mouth. Not wanting to be the only one to puke in the ride I swallowed it and just held on. The ride couldn’t have ended any sooner. I hopped out and ran to the bathroom to make sure it didn’t vomit again. After all the “fun” was over we met up with everyone else.
            After we met up we went out the back door of the museum to the big ship that I saw off of the balcony. It was a huge aircraft carrier, I had no idea how they got it up onto land but whatever I don’t care I just wanted to look inside. We walked up walkway to the door where a group of people were waiting. Then a tour guide appeared and took us through the ship. We didn’t get to go through the whole ship but we went through most of it. We went the cafeteria, the living quarters, the main halls, and the deck. We got to see the captain’s quarters which looked really nice. The guide pretty much explained every single last detail to us which was cool at first but got to be too much after a while. After we left the ship we drove around to find something to eat. Well just me grandpa and my dad because everyone else just got done eating. We could find a place that looked good so we just ate some nuggets from McDonalds which you can never go wrong with. After that we went back to the hotel. I was so tired that I went to bed while everyone else watched a movie.
            The next day was the last day so we made the best out of it, and my dad did. So, before we got here someone told my dad that if he was going to fish then he shouldn’t eat at waffle house. Wouldn’t you know it my dad ate at the waffle house with us and went fishing right after. At first while we were fishing it didn’t seem that bad, he even caught a couple of fish. It was when we got farther out into the water that he started to turn white. He went to sit down but the waves kept coming. He stood up he vomited horizontally in a 90 degree angle it was gross. We went back to the shore after that. We decided to do something on land for the rest of the time. My grandparent asked my little what he wanted to do so we went to Toys ‘R’ Us. I didn’t really want anything so I just picked something to waste my parents money.



Friday, September 15, 2017

The Last Thoughts of Phillip Peters (UNL Poem)

The Last Thoughts of Phillip Peters
Bye Jakeb Larson

The Last Thoughts of Phillip Peters
Shhh! So listen, there’s a rumor going around right now that getting hit by an on campus bus results in free tuition. That’s right free tuition for kissing a moving bus! I don’t know if it’s true or not because i was told by a pretty sketchy guy, just kidding he was actually pretty cool. He said he tried it and it worked for him, i guess that’s why he is missing an arm and a leg. I don’t care I’m still going to try it because I’m kind of poor. Who cares if I can’t walk, do sports, move my arms or legs, or even talk. Who cares if I break my head, shoulders, knees, toes, spine, arms, and legs. Not me I don’t care about anything but that free tuition. I mean if i can land free tuition then i can use my money for other things like, food, games, sport lessons, or maybe even a TV or something like that. A car would be nice to. So here’s my plan, tomorrow around noon a bus always drives in front of my dorm. The plan is to climb up the tree and wait, and wait, and when the bus finally drives by drop down from the tree and hit the bus straight on... BOOM free tuition. I hope it works.